The ancient Chinese art of acupuncture has taken root in the West, and is spreading like a hearty, flourishing vine.
Since acupuncture techniques for anesthesia during surgery have been so dramatic as to make headlines in the American press, it surprises many people to learn that traditional acupuncture is not a method of anesthesia or pain relief. Developed 5000 years ago in China, traditional acupuncture is a method of analyzing a person's energetic balance, and correcting imbalances where they exist. The basic premise is that illness springs from such imbalances. Symptoms are understood to be valuable messages communicating our need for healing. Therefore, just as none of us would deal with a flashing oil light in our automobile by disconnecting the bulb, the traditional acupuncturist does not direct his/her focus to erasing any particular symptom. Acupuncturists are trained to look beyond the symptom to the broader pattern, of which the symptom is but a part. We take note of the symptoms, but do not employ standardized formula treatments for named conditions. That is, seven people with shoulder bursitis would most likely receive seven different treatments from traditional acupuncturists, based not upon the pain in the shoulder, but the overall energetic pattern. The Chinese explain these energetic patterns through poetic but very specific categories. The world is perceived to have five basic elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element manifests in many ways. For example, the wood element relates to the emotion of anger, the season of spring, the craving for or distaste of sour foods, difficulty in making decisions, the function of the eyes, the color green, the time between 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m., one-sided symptoms, the liver and the gall bladder. Energy, or Ch'i, flows through the body along clearly mapped pathways called meridians, each of which has a series of points at which the acupuncturist has access to the energy, and can alter or redirect its flow according to the needs of the patient. Wherever there is a blockage, it is as if a gate is rusted shut or stuck open. When the blockage has been removed, the energy can circulate freely, thus allowing the restoration of balance and harmony. This harmony is not solely on a physical level. Traditional acupuncture views each person as a unified whole-body, mind and spirit. The acupuncturist seeks to determine which of the five elements was originally knocked off balance. The diagnosis involves an analysis of the dynamic interaction of the five elements within the individual. This is done by a specialized method of pulse diagnosis, and by observing the patient's color (near the sides of the eyes and around the mouth,) the sound of the voice, the odor, and the most prominent emotion. Before I became an acupuncturist, I had a private practice in psychotherapy. I had a few patients who were what I would call "stuck." They had an understanding of their problems, but were unable to achieve an emotional breakthrough. After having acupuncture treatments, some of them were able to break through. The changes were in some cases so clear and dramatic that I decided to become an acupuncturist myself. I have not regretted it for a moment. Because traditional acupuncture treats the whole person rather than the specific symptom, many acupuncture patients find to their surprise that they are experiencing positive changes in areas other than the ones which originally brought them to the acupuncturist's office. One of my patients came for treatment of neck pain and numbness in the arm and hand. Not only did these symptoms disappear, but he also had a major improvement in his hearing, so that he could listen to music for the first time in many years. He celebrated by purchasing a stereo. Another patient hobbled in to his first appointment, bent over and using a cane. He had had open heart surgery, and had experienced severe and constant pain in his lower back, hip and leg since shortly after the operation. His other doctors didn't know what to do to help. After two visits, he no longer used the cane. After a few more visits, he was able to return to full-time work, which involved a great deal of standing. Within a few more weeks, he was shoveling the snow left by last winter's storms. But if you asked him what was the most important benefit he received from the acupuncture, he would tell you that it emotionally brought him back to life. I am still amazed at a system which allows me to place a needle in someone's arm, and clears up their knee pain, or can restore full hearing by needling a point on their chest. I am in awe of this system, and I hope I never lose this sense of wonder. -Amber Rose

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