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Consumers keep our issues for many months and use it dozens of times for reference and growth.
We would like to extend to you an invitation to be a part of our dynamic community of advertisers. Educated consumers want a format that respects their integrity and is informative rather than manipulative. They want advertising that is straightforward, matter-of-fact and low key. Pathways helps you project an image of high integrity and creates a sense of trust in the services that you are offering. The articles and ads demonstrate a growing commitment on the part of local individuals to do business in a spirit of unity, cooperation and understanding; and to maintain a high level of integrity, responsibility and service. See the links to the left to learn more.

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Pathways presents useful information in several ways—through articles, ads, a resource directory, and a calendar. We have an established web site that offers exposure to thousands of new potential customers. Most of our advertisers are small business people who don’t have huge promotional budgets to work with. We provide the tools for helping small businesses grow. When someone joins our network they become a part of a growing community of individuals and groups that share ideas and referrals. Our telephones ring constantly with inquiries from people looking for all kinds of goods and services. See the links to the left to learn more.

Low Cost plus Broad Circulation Yields a Solid Investment

Our select distribution is aimed at the upscale, conscious consumer. We target this segment of the population by distributing our publication at healing and growth centers, bookstores, public libraries, natural food restaurants, fitness centers and virtually every natural food store in the Washington area. This kind of select distribution allows us to reach a diverse and influential readership, people who are concerned about the quality of life and are knowledgeable consumers. Our low advertising rates are further enhanced by quarterly distribution. Three month market penetration has obvious advantages over daily, weekly or monthly publications that are often read and then discarded. Pathways will be kept and used by readers for months—even years.

A Very Active Website that Channels Thousands of Viewers to Our Advertising Community

We also produce a very active web-site- we get thousands of hits per day--that supports our advertising community with free listings.
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In March our site averaged 5328 hits PER DAY.

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