Consider that we are more than our physical bodies and thus, can perceive more than the known physical world. Consider that there can be other realities, other intelligence's to come to know. Consider then a process whereby a person "opens" inner pathways or channels to receive information or energy. This is the channeling experience.
The channeling experience does intrigue, but more importantly, throughout time people have been receiving new views of reality, valuable insights into the nature of being and practical personal guidance through connection with more than our physical world.

--Elisabeth Y. Fitzhugh

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If you look at every person in your life, they are here to teach you about yourself. No matter how hard or joyful the lessons are.
Bettina intuitively tunes into your emotional field, Chakras, past experiences and blocks that prevent you from seeing the whole picture of the amazing person you are.
She translates it into tangible lessons so you can learn from it all in order to release and leave the past behind, stepping into the NOW.
Then you are free to move on to the next level of your enchanted life. 
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Molly Rowland has worked professionally as a channel for over 30 years as an astrologer and tarot reader. Since 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence, Molly has fulfilled her soul agreement to trans-channel the Ascended Master St. Germain and the Brotherhood of Light. Molly Rowland, PO Box 1052, Lander, WY, 82520-1052, 307-335-8113