The New Exhibitor Descriptions for the Fall Natural Living Expo Will Be Posted In May

Spring 2018 Natural Living Expo Exhibitors

Enjoy 150 Exhibitors Who Heal, Entertain, Enlighten and Offer Lots of Wonderful Services and Products

ALC - Spiritual Development College, #84
The Wayshowers College is an International Spiritual Development organization. Through your involvement in community workshops, group sessions and individual consultations you will re-awaken your psychic ability, find your life’s purpose and communicate with the team of angels who assist you in your soul’s journey for this lifetime. This is Practical Spirituality with the focus of helping you find your own answers and trusting your inner guidance.

A Spiritual Medium, #2
Evidential Spiritual psychic Medium & Spirit Guided artist Rhonda blends Art, Music and Mediumship. Rhonda channels only the highest vibrations, offering psychic and medium readings, Tarot, Finger/thumb Analysis (palmistry) or discover your true essence and heart's desire through the Illuminating Soul stories that an original One-Of-A-Kind Soul Portrait reveals.

Access Bars® Sessions - Dawn Buckley, #123
27 years, 174 countries! Experience the relaxing, life-changing shortcut to remove stress, heal the body, quiet the mind, and find peace. Dawn's Walter Reed statistics: stress dropped 54.4%, pain 34.2%, etc. Try a research-based session today! Watch video at

Age of Awakening with Rose Rosetree, #78
Leading-edge skills for spiritual awakening from Pathways Columnist Rose Rosetree. Get aura readings, buy how-to books, ask your questions. Discover the power of unique RES Energy READING Skills, Energy HEALING Skills, Empath Empowerment®, and Enlightenment Coaching.

Alix Moore & the Archangels, #26
Alix Moore is a highly gifted psychic healer, medium, and channel for the archangels. She helps clients receive the love, money, and amazing lives they desire. Visit her booth for intuitive readings, angel-assisted healings, mediumship, and books.

American Ayurveda, #54
Ayurveda is an ancient healing system from India that stood the test of time over the ages. It is followed by over 1 billion people around the world. We offer authentic Ayurvedic products and consultation to achieve optimum health.

Angel Talk Radio/TV-Telespectral, #77
With Jim and Sandy Young, Washington Metro Area's Premier Internationally Acclaimed Radio/TV Psychics with over 10,000 Professional Readings since 1994. In their 23rd year with Pathways, offering Personal Angelic Readings and copies of their books Evidence of Things Not Seen and Clearing the Confusion. Sign up early, openings go fast!

Arbonne: Botanically-based Vegan Health, #20
Arbonne is a 38-year-old company whose products are botanically based and inspired by nature. We offer premium skincare, cosmetics and health & wellness products for every age. All Arbonne's formulations are gluten free, vegan certified, and free of GMOs, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Come sample our world-class products crafted with integrity, expertise and innovation.

ASEA, #98
Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) decline as much as 90% over the span of a life from aging, stress, environment, and poor diets. RSM is foundational to cellular health and responsible for cellular internal communication involved in major body system and function. Learn how RSM can help your body’s cells perform at its peak optimal efficiency and improve your health.

Asyra Pro Bioenergetic Screening, #44
Bio-Energetic Screening improves the body's capacity to energize its own metabolic processes. It covers meridian points relating to internal organs, food, environmental factors and emotional patterns.

The Avatar® Course, #128
The Avatar Course ® is a nine-day self-empowerment training. The Avatar tools are a synergy of exercises, drills, and procedures that when properly understood and used increase your ability to live deliberately. They are remarkably effective and efficient for taking control of your life.

Avillion Aura Imaging Photography, #93
Avillion provides: Aura Photo of Heart Chakra Vibrations; detailed Personal Chakra Report with 2 Full Body Pictures; Aura Care Package with information of techniques for Self Realization. Available with short interpretive readings.

Azurae Windwalker Shamanic Healing Art, #107
Lifeforce Energy Shield Amulets protect you from harmful life force draining EMF, environmental and spiritual negative forces broadcasting healing frequencies to you. Your Soul Petroglyph Portrait reveals a perfect beautiful soul self in totems, soul colors, angels, elements & ancestors.

The Bandaid Room, #127
Grab your geometric purifiers, customized healing symbols, geometric dream catchers, healing wands, tool belts and crystal-topped walking sticks and necklaces. Order a depiction of your aura, a chakra health report, or meet with our sound cleansing and mudra healers.

B.Birdwatcher: Mind, Body, Stones, #96
Zenists and Fashionista will love to explore the world of B.Birdwatcher Spiritual Stones. The gemstone jewelry line encompasses the principles of balance & harmony, protection & strength, relationships & self-improvement with an eco-chic fashion sense.

Be You Spa, #9
Be You Spa has Intuitive Readings, Near Infrared Light Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Energy Tune Ups, Teas, Candles and Chakra Oils. Helping you be the best you possible through our services, classes and webinars. Stop by and find out more—first 100 get a rose.

Black Star Jewelry, #43
Himalayan Quartz Crystal Meditation Implements from Nepal. Carved Miniature Gemstone Deities. Unique, one-of-a-kind Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstones from the Kathmandu Valley. Unisex Designer Jackets in Silk and Recycled Fabrics. Evocative Accessories.

Britpsychic, #32
Linda Fitz Williams, The Brit Psychic, is a gifted International Spiritual Medium, and Psychic Adviser. She is a third generation, natural born and gifted medium from Oxford, England. She was raised with the teachings of the English Spiritualist Church and has traveled all over the world giving readings for 36 years. Linda communicates in a loving, caring and ethical manner via spiritual guidance. These inspiring messages of divine enlightenment can offer hope, healing and often closure. Drop by and meet Linda Fitz Williams for your own special, insightful reading.

Building Biology - Healthy Indoor Spaces, #36 & 37
Are you safe from EMFs in your home or office? EMFs and poor indoor air quality can affect your health! Healthy Spaces IQ, LLC provides experts with scientific training and specialized equipment to educate, assess, remediate and protect from EMFs.

Carlos The Medium, #14
Carlos is a naturally gifted psychic medium with an impressive ability to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. Carlos will serve as a messenger to deliver messages of love, healing, and closure between you and those dear to you in Spirit. 

CBD Livity, #65
CBD Livity specializes in all-natural CBD-infused topicals, aromatherapy, pet oils and more! All products are made using Hemp derived CBD and many other powerful plant oils. Visit booth #65 for valuable information, CBD wellness, giveaways, and exclusive deals.

College Park Psychic - Dallas Eli, #141
I specialize in aura cleansing, chakra balancing, energy readings, meditation\yoga, past life regression, chromotherapy and tarot card readings.

Courtz Crystal Balls Handmade, #119
Handmade Crystal Balls seen in a real vision, 1989. Burbank, California. Made with gemstones and crystals & the Cosmos. Each one is designed with its own unique healing energies. Water amplifies the crystals; the glitter represents atoms of energy. Meditation. Relaxation gifts.

Creative Healing Trends, #132
Rebecca Norris of Creative Healing Trends offers intuitive and channeled readings. Using ThetaHealing and Matrix Energetics shifts will be made within your field to align and create your desired outcome. The future can be created. Aura photos and readings available.

Crystalis Treasures, #62
Find relief from stress, anxiety, sleep, and depression with our assortment of custom made power bracelets! We have a bracelet for all your needs. Stop by and chat with us. Plus Tarot decks, smudge, crystals and jewelry. 306 Elden St., Herndon, VA, 20170.

Crystal Luxe Lighting PLUS!, #51
One-of-a-kind home accessories made from natural crystals, minerals and semi-precious stones. You'll find mineral lamps, gemstone wine stoppers, LED night lights, rocky ring stands, key rings, purse charms, business card holders, mezuzahs, and more!

The Dancing Herbalist, LLC, #120
A topical herbal products company that supports wellness and keeps you moving through your daily life. Their products support joint and muscle pains as well as a variety of skin complaints.

The DC Dentist Dr. Terry Victor, #83
Learn benefits of Holistic/Eco-Friendly Dentistry. Discover advances in medical technology used to provide you with a customized experience that is less invasive, more effective and a healthy approach to your oral care from a Holistic, Biological and Eco-Friendly Dentist.

DilJay Sterling, #116
Natural Gemstone Jewelry

Do Bead Dooby Doo, #114
Specializing in aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces, as well as essential oil blends. In addition, we will be introducing our new Essential Oil Institute, designed to teach the safest and most effective ways to incorporate essential oils into your wellness regimen.

doTERRA by Totally Essential, #109 & 110
Whether you are looking for the tools to combat everyday health problems quickly and easily with doTERRA essential oils & supplements; or looking for an opportunity to work from home to create your ideal life, we have the best solutions for you. Those who want a more in-depth conversation can set up a 30-minute video chat consultation after the Expo. Guiding you on your Wellness Adventure.

Dr. Z Tarot Consulting, #115
Dr. Z’s Tarot Consulting, in partnership with Bev Hitchins, Align Your Life; reveal the paths before you, by showing you the light within. Illuminate your present condition by observing your current energetic direction along "the Fool's Journey"; doing so you will discover the transformational paths available to you, as you Journey through this moment that is the human experience. Opening paths by sharing divine guidance on every question about work, home, fortune, love, and more. Let the Tarot Guide you!

Dreams of Stardolphin Visionary Art, #97
Gallery quality prints, embellished canvases, greeting cards, magnets, bookmarks and light encoded pendants and healing discs of my Original Artwork. I also have an Oracle Deck and three Children's books I wrote and illustrated.

Dream Sister Studio, #41
Handcrafted ceramic art and jewelry, created from earth, fire, stones and wood. Each piece is a celebration of nature to inspire and spark magic! My DreamWeave jewelry is wire-woven with gemstones, crystals and glass. All created with love!

Earth Energy Stones, #117
Intuitively designed Energy Pendants, natural stones and crystals for both personal use and home decor. All help to improve your energy health and that of your home!

ECKANKAR: Experience the Light and Sound of God, #86
Simple spiritual exercises, such as singing the word “HU,” can awaken you to your divinity as Soul. ECKANKAR offers classes and support to help you gain a deeper understanding of your unique spiritual unfoldment for your journey home to God. 

EMFs Protect, #139
Electro Magnetic Frequency protection for Cellphone and Body. Get protection from EMFs while increasing balance & sleep, reducing inflammation and carpal tunnel, and decreasing motion sickness/vertigo, just to name a few. Free BEMER sessions for 8 minutes to increase your blood flow by 15%. We also offer IDLife Nutrition Programs.

Engineering Your Reality, #145
Bridging Science & Spirit to remember who you are/why here, decondition the Not-Self, revive innate ability to heal.  Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you to reveal your magnificence & share your unique gifts?

Fatima Issa, #136
Angel Readings by Fatima Issa, a certified Angel Practitioner trained by Charles Virtue. She conducts angel readings to help you hear the loving messages of your divine guidance. Allow and be lovingly guided by your ever-loving personal heavenly team. Let this delightful, powerful team fill your life with joy & beauty revealing the true, cherished and unique gem that you are! Blossom with blessings and let your brilliance shine!

Fitness Forever, Inc. Professional Wellness // Shu-Mei Wellness Center, #143
Therapeutic Reflexology and Seated Chair Massage Services. Mini Face Lifts, Allergy and Sinus Facials using the Hand held Cold Laser and Microcurrent. Treatments are very effective!

Free Falun Dafa Meditation Class, #58
Come join us for a sampling of free meditation exercises of Falun Dafa (a.k.a. Falun Gong, It helps to relieve stress and improve energy.

Four Directions Wellness, Alexandria, VA, #104
Affiliated with the GW Center for Integrative Medicine, Four Directions Wellness (FDW) is focused on connecting body, mind, emotions and spirit. FDW offers individual sessions and classes to support your personal journey. Stop by our booth to enter a raffle for $50 off of a FDW class!

Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, #102
Whether you are drawn to the ancient traditions of Earth Spirit or seeking a vibrant community of people from all walks of life; whether you are searching for a retreat center or a place for ceremony...we are here.

Gainesville Holistic Health Center, #69 & 70
Dr. Stéphane (co-author with Louise Hay, Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra) and our GHHC holistic practitioners provide a WHOLE-LISTIC SOLUTION to emotional, mind-brain, physical, spiritual, energy, Lyme disease and much more. EXPO SPECIAL: Bioresonance SCAN + IRIDOLOGY and more. We are an INTEGRATIVE and COLLABORATIVE center.

The Golden Lighthouse Metaphysical Center, #52
Soni Weiss, PhD, intuitive counselor and transpersonal counselor will assist you in finding clarity and guidance on questions unanswered and decisions not made. Her many years of working in both dimensions of the material and spiritual world with years of proven experience in material and spiritual world will help you find the right path to take.

GPS Your Path, #60
Bonnie Patterino is one of a few IIHA Certified Hand Print Analysts in the world! Print your hands to accurately reveal your Soul Psychology, life lessons, gifts & authentic life purpose. Decode your whole-life blueprint and learn amazing details about your Life Agenda. After the Expo, experience a life changing one hour phone reading and coaching session within a few weeks, and receive the recorded call to keep. Print today at a lower rate. The results are worth the wait!

Ground One, #12
Feeling stressed about the world today and know you were born to help change it? Stop by Ground One's booth! Creative Intuitive Coach Kathryn Ramsperger will be pulling Oracle Cards for you to discover the best way to help NOW, and also using her special process Step Into Your Story© to discover anything that's blocking movement. You can also pick up a copy of her novel, The Shores of Our Souls, one way she's helping. Or just drop by, chat and sign her Social Justice Speakers waiting list for her podcast.

GW Office of Integrative Medicine and Health, #45
The Office of Integrative Medicine and Health, the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, is creating a collaborative space to engage and support providers, practitioners, and patients through our commitment to high-quality education, research, and community engagement.

Habeebah’s Herbals, #61
Habeebah Muhammad, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist & Certified Massage Therapist in traditional services and Sufi Unani preparation. She has a wholistic line of natural and organic body products that are spiritually heart created and righteously made. "It's About Chemistry and Creativity."

Hands of Light-Geoffrey Morell, #50
Internationally Renowned healer, Geoffrey Morell, will demonstrate his healing techniques and provide books and materials on the subject of energy healing.

Harmony & Balance with Eden Energy, #17

Harmony Collaborative for Holistic Health, #122
A community of consultants for transformation and well-being. Find out if past traumas are affecting you now through muscle testing and brief consultation. Receive Seven Rays Reiki Healing or Core Self Reading.

H2O At Home, #40
H2O At Home is a mission driven company that seeks to bring safe, effective, natural home and personal care solutions to the world. Dedicated to sustainability, we want to help you live a cleaner, green, healthier life, starting at home.

Healing, Spirit Messages with Ella, #13
Energy Healing: physical, emotional and spiritual concerns addressed with Ama~Deus, Seraphim Blueprint, Vogel crystal, and more. Spirit Messages: receive messages from loved ones, angels, animals, etc. Aura Photo readings: discover spiritual beings in your photo and receive their messages.

Healing With Grace, #8
Grace Elizabeth provides information on the human energy field, effects of blockages, past lives, and areas of spiritual energy healing. Mini healings will be available. Grace is a scientist, trained healer, and near death survivor, which opened her to other dimensional realities at a young age.

Hemali Vora, PT, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Reiki Master, #10
I am your personal advocate for living an energized and abundant life. I offer individual consultations and workshops on: weight loss; facts about sugar; label reading; prevent or improve chronic diseases; spice as medicine; healthy living; love and forgiveness; cooking classes; health food store tours; fitness; meditation; and healing with Reiki.

Holistic Veterinary Healing, #47
We offer top quality holistic and integrative compassionate veterinary specialty care. Our doctors have decades of experience within the healing field. We view your animal as a whole focusing on the root cause of dis-harmony for projected long term healing.

Homefix Custom Remodeling, #73
Homefix Custom Remodeling is a Home Improvement Company specializing in Windows, Siding, Roofing, Doors, Gutters & Guards, Insulation and Walk-In Tubs/Showers. “There’s No Place Like Home, A Homefix Home!”

Indigo Moon, #92
Indigo Moon features a variety of merchandise that spans from stunning wall hangings to exquisite purses, Indian clothing to sterling toe rings. The items come from the exotic lands of Thailand, India, and Nepal. Indigo Moon exhibits at festivals, college centers, and Eastern Market in Washington, DC. Please call 1-877-63INDIGO for more information.

Inner Circle Gifts, #24
Offering: Starborn Creations mineral and crystal jewelry, Tools for Transformation sacred geometry jewelry, that include instructions to cleanse and program these power pieces. Gorgeous genuine Vogel crystal, amethyst and labradorite display pieces, grape chalcedony, and dumortierite crystals and so much more!

Inspired By Angels, #29
Gena Wilson, LCSW, is an Angel messenger, psychic, medium, animal communicator and Reiki Master. Co-author of Reiki Divination cards.

Interfaith Committee of the Urantia Book Fellowship , #3
The Urantia Book is an anthology of highest concepts of Science, Philosophy, and Personal Religion. The 5th Epochal Revelation to our planet, is a book for all faiths.. For information see the book online at

Joyful Bath Co., #99
Local women-owned business hand-crafting natural and organic bar soaps, bath and foot soaks, soy candles, gift baskets and more. Made with vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced ingredients. Pure, natural and healing for the whole family. Baby bath and dog soaps, too!

Kangan Water // Juice Plus, #21
KANGEN Alkaline Water and the UKON - Tumeric Supplement. / JUICE PLUS+ and the Tower Garden: 28 different fruits, vegetables and grains in a capsule or chewable form.

Kneipp, #72
Kneipp (pronounced Ken-nype!) is an aromatherapy Bath, Body, and Skincare company specializing in the finest quality, primarily vegan and natural ingredients. Innovating for over 125 years, Kneipp offers the best of science and the best of nature in a product line that is highly effective for both your skin and well-being.

Knowles Apothecary, #79 & 80
A community pharmacy offering traditional and alternative health care. Our professional pharmacists, nutrition consultant and medical herbalist work holistically to meet patients’ needs. Providing optimum care through compounding specific prescriptions, formulating herbal remedies and developing nutritional protocols with our line of professional supplements. Offering healing crystals, energy tools and salt lamps.

Leaf Guard, #149
LeafGuard gutter system is a patented product that will simplify your life by eliminating the time-consuming and dangerous chore of gutter clean out. Beldon LeafGuard is a one-piece system that prevents a variety of gutter problems from occurring. Most debris is prevented from entering the gutter system by a fully integrated curved hood that keeps out the majority of leaves, twigs, and other items, but permits water to fall in. Should any extraneous items enter the gutter system, its seamless design ensures that the debris won’t snag. The result is a freely flowing, non-clogging gutter that channels away rainwater to where it won’t damage the home.

Life Transforming Hypnotherapy, #38
I feature information about Spiritual Hypnotherapy (Past-Life Regression, Life-Between-Lives Therapy, Natal Regression, Counterpart Selves, Future-Life Progression, etc.) & other hypnotic modalities. I give Crystal Skull Readings at the booth and sell my newest book, Ending the Endless Conflict: Healing Narratives from Past-Life Regressions to the CIVIL WAR, as well as my earlier book, The Present Power of Past Lives.

Light Works, #146
A spiritual healing practice located in Old Town Manassas. Juli Richardson is a Certified Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, & Animal Communicator. For the event, she will be offering Life Path, Mediumship, and Angel Card Readings.

Lotus Rising Handbags and Finery, #108
We custom design earth conscious, eco-friendly handbags from reclaimed and recycled textiles and supplies. We are committed to doing our part to create a more peaceful, compassionate, loving, socially, and environmentally just world.

Lotus Signature Massage School, #133
Lotus Signature Massage School offers a 525-hour approved massage program and is certified by the State Council of Higher Education in VA. Learn how you can start a career in massage therapy and receive mini massage sessions!

Lotus Wellness Center, #134 & 135
Lotus Wellness Center is your spiritual hub in the community. We have a wide variety of classes and services to suit everyone's metaphysical and spiritual needs. Stop by and meet our Lotus Team! We have various services available today in mini sessions.

Lyme Disease Association of Delmarva, #76

Marcie K, #136
Marcie provides well-rounded readings that present today’s challenges. She assists her clients with learning more about themselves & the situations in their lives. Additionally, Marcie has unique experiences of a long-time career in Finance International Association & Corporate environments.

Mahalo Minerals, #88, 89 & 90
We offer a variety of minerals and crystals. We also have Shiva Lingas, Tibetan Singing Bowls, large crystals, amethyst geodes, as well as beautiful energy pieces. You will find stones as jewelry and we also have the largest selection in the tri-state area. See ya there.

Mare Cromwell – Gaia Priestess, Healer, #137
As a Gaia Priestess, Mystic, Author & Healer, Mare Cromwell is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering and the Gaia Wisdom Gathering. She loves leading Womb Wisdom workshops. Her award-winning books include The Great Mother Bible.

Marie-Claire Wilson, #29
European Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Advisor, Direct Clairvoyance, Tarot Consultation with my own deck, Medium for Spirits.

Massaging Insoles, #140
World’s best therapeutic Massaging shoe insoles. A natural approach to foot, leg, and back pain relief. Exercise, walk, and stand on hard surfaces with less pain. Prevent and relieve tired feet. fits in all your shoes, even flip flops. Machine wash, 2-year warranty. Pedorthic Footcare Association approved.

Mastery Healing by Maria, #144
Healing through your connection to you Angels & Guides. To get your Intuitive guidance in life. Maria’s specialty includes Mediumship, healing, clearing. Bringing awareness, acceptance, compassion.

The Mindfulness Center, #67
In Bethesda, MD, The Mindfulness Center is a charitable community wellness center offering individual services, classes and workshops in Mind-Body Practices including Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Nia dance, Professional Teacher Trainings, Retreats, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction and Mind-Body Therapies for Chronic Conditions. Stop by our booth to enjoy a demo session of our services and therapies with our experienced practitioners!

Melody Krafft, Visionary Artist, #16
Melody, a psychic medium artist will sketch a portrait of your spirit guide, and deceased loved ones, and bring messages of comfort. This is a rare opportunity to connect with the Other Side and see who is with you.

Moonbeams and Fairydust, #126
We are a metaphysical book and gift store offering everything needed for your spiritual journey including divination tools, crystals, incense, handmade gifts, holistic wellness items, and books.

Natural Healing Options, #27  
Jay Quinn specializes in energy clearing solutions for problem relationships, properties, and situations. Call 703-371-2174.

Nutritional Healing Center, #131
We will be conducting free mini screenings that consist of muscle response testing.

Nutrition Master Foods, #25
Ancient Foods called Teddy’s Meals™ is reestablishing the basic ancient way to rebuild and balance your healthy eating habits with one meal a day or every other day. These convenient ancient meals will make it easier than ever to eat right and feel good! The basic ingredients "fuel your body."

OM Botanical - Best Natural Skin Care, #48
Stop by the OM Botanical booth and experience a paradigm shift with uniquely superior products offering fast visible results. Skin care the way it should be—unbleached, unprocessed, incredibly effective and yet 100% natural. Made with full spectrum (whole) organically grown botanical ingredients, these multi-functional products offer a simple two-step regimen.

Paige’s Promotions for Wyndham, #130
Please come and visit our Wyndham booth! We are doing drawings for free weekend getaways and gift certificates of all kinds. And come get your free Mardi Gras beads, too. Have fun at the Expo!

Paradiso Jewelry, #19
This wonderful jewelry is handcrafted by expert artisans and made using some of the finest gemstones in the world. For generations this jewelry has been crafted using age old techniques and beautifully fashioned in hand cut and hand carved silver using antique and modern elements.

Peace & Laughter, Cheryl Giannelli, #1
Crystal Intuitive, Psychic/Medium, Reader, and Healer. Variety of tumbled and natural gemstones, handmade Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Wands, gemstone bracelets and pendants to support the body, mind, and Spirit.

Prayosha Ayurveda Store, #106
Ayurveda - Natural Science of Life since thousands of years. Explore your body type the Ayurveda way (vata, pitta, kapha) free by Dr. Purvi Vyas (PhD in Ayurveda). Free diet suggestions according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda medicine available.

Prior Unity Garden, #68
Achieve your abundant, beautiful, organic garden dreams. Grow vibrant food, flowers, herbs and/or natives in any sized garden with classes, courses, workshops, presentations, consultations, coaching and products to insure you are a successful and savvy gardener. Join the gardening community.

Psychic Mara Berman, #63
Mara's Psychic information is derived from Aura colors, light source using twelve dimensional rings, starseed energy, and the energy flow of the vortex. Readings involve Tarot cards, palmistry, and psychology to decipher complex questions.

Psychic Readings with Intuitive Awakenings, #55
Claudette Knox, gifted Intuitive and Shaman of Hawaiian Tradition, gives psychic readings with a combination of Palmistry & Hawaiian Aumakua cards. // WallStreet Psychic Medium Lisa Craft shares Animal-Tarot Cards, gives psychic readings including any Mediumship message that may come through.

Psy-Twins, #87
Psychic mediums Allyson and Adele bring messages of comfort and advice to individuals wanting readings, and will sign copies of their book, Between Two Worlds. Attend their mediumship audience demonstration today at one of the hourly lectures.

Reflexology and Beyond, #71
Brigitte Wiss, Clairvoyant & Gifted Certified Holistic Reflexologist since 2000 will rejuvenate you physically, emotionally & spiritually through her unique practice. She will customize your session to your personal needs. Not a foot massage! Not your typical Reflexology! Best for STRESS and more! See my website for the list.

Reconnective Healing Co-op, #91
Explore these new frequencies of light and information. Stop by for a demonstration or sign up for your personal session. See for details. The music of your life is in your instinct. Stop by and enter your name in our free seminar give away.

Relax With Sound, #138
Himalayan singing bowls and healing sounds for individuals and groups, plus certification classes in sound-massage for deep relaxation. Drop by to receive samples or mini-sessions, purchase instruments, sign up for classes and events, and meet local providers.

Relax Saunas of Momentum 98, #150
Relax Saunas of Momentum98 is dedicated to providing superior health products for renewal and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. The Relax Sauna is the centerpiece of our store and health conferences. The Relax Sauna is the only portable sauna with 95% Far Infrared Generations medical grad technology, and has gained worldwide success assisting in healing from Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Migraines, and Heavy Metal Detoxification.

Remnants of Magic, #121
Remnants of Magic makes one-of-a-kind wire-wrapped jewelry with your choice of gold or sterling silver wire. All jewelry is individually hand crafted so by nature is one-of-a-kind. We also have power bracelets, energy sprays, crystal wands and much more.

Remodel USA, #30
Your living environment is why we are in business. That's why we offer the highest quality remodeling products for your home such as the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System, Sunsuite Sunroom and Bath Planet Tub Conversions.

Results Thinking Consulting, LLC, #124
Nelda Fink, human potential coach, provides coaching as powerful as a ROAR and as effective as a whisper. Stop by for demo of programs offering powerful tools and techniques to break away from a life of mediocrity and live limitlessly.

Rosie Stars - Super 7 Healers, #74
Rosie Stars makes gemstone oils that quickly relieve chronic pain, anxiety, headaches, sleeplessness, etc. She specializes in Shungite soaps, jewelry and orgonite condensers that help to shift negative energies in your body or environment and accelerate your intention & creative powers.

Sacred Grove Animal Communication, #105
Maribeth Decker is an intuitive animal communicator. She works with people who want to have a 2-way communication with their pet. Maribeth works with behavioral and end-of-life issues.

Sage Health Now - Heart of Nepal Salt Lamps, #4
I am an RN, Intuitive/Tarot Reader, Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner. I also create Himalayan Salt Lamps infused with Reiki Healing Energy. Dedicated to the well-being of others, I will assist you in finding your life's purpose. My specialty is life changes and supporting those during difficult transitions in life.

SavvyRest, #81 & 82
Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom is your one-stop destination to help create the customized organic bedroom of your dreams! Savvy Rest mattresses and furniture are the key components of a nontoxic sleeping environment. Visit our booth to learn more.

Science of Spirituality, #125
Science of Spirituality is a global, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated towards individual and community renewal based on love, non-violence and truthfulness. We empower ourselves via meditation so that we can better serve. All SOS programs are offered for free.

Self Empowerment Education Center, #72
Offering a wide variety of healing services with a well-trained, seasoned staff. Including Life Coaching, Guided Relaxation, Stress Management, Massage, Hypnosis for Birthing, Regression Therapy, Needleless Acupuncture, Body Compensation Analysis and more. Affording the most comprehensive training for Certification in Hypnosis in the U.S.

Shamanic Healing Institute, #49
The Shamanic Healing Institute provides healing and education services through spiritual healing ceremonies, retreats, practitioner training programs and products. Visit Paul M. Sivert, LCPC, shamanic practitioner, to learn more and start your personal journey in Shamanism. Sign up for a Divination Ceremony and Healing.

Shea Inspiration - Whipped Scented Shea Butter, #129
Enjoy Shea Inspiration’s Natural Non-Water Based Whipped Scented & Unscented Shea Butter! You will indulge in the feeling and fragrance of your skin! Choose from our wonderful menu of many fragrances!

Shelly's Rock Shop & Classroom, LLC, #75
I sell the most beautiful tumbled stones you've ever seen! I work with a master geologist who hand selects rough rock from around the world, hand breaks it for the best color, shape and size, and tumbles them himself. My stones will blow your mind!

Skilled Maids, #148 

Smile Herb Shop, #59
Smile is the local hub for professional medical herbalism and natural living. In addition to teas, bulk herbs, spices, vitamins, supplements and essential oils, Smile features professional herbalists and an aromatherapist to provide customers with personalized attention to help them pick the right herbs and products for their needs. Smile is also home to several resident teachers and hosts educational classes nearly every week on topics from Ayurveda to Herbalism and from Aromatherapy to Mushrooms. Come by and experience the Smile difference today!

Sole Healing, #94 & 95
Providing reflexology and massage for shows, conferences, meetings or seminars. A great opportunity to have a sponsored area of relaxation and rejuvenation at your event. On site Corporate Wellness programs • Business and Private Events • Girls’ night out parties.

Songs of Alchemy, #35
Creation sings a song guiding us along our Journey to Divinity. Songs of Alchemy provides unique treasures, handmade healing tools. Crystals, smudge, medicine bags, Smudge fans, aromatherapy, meditation supplies, hand rolled incense and more. We look forward to serving your love light filled souls!

Soul Mind Body Alignment using the Practices of Master Zhi Gang Sha, #22 & 23
Master Sha's certified practitioners demonstrate the remarkable healing practices of renowned spiritual leader, healer and teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Attend the Soul Wisdom workshop at 11:30AM. Check our websites for more details and Expo offers. The upcoming Soul Mind Body Alignment workshop and Tao Hands™ certification training in Virginia will further empower you.

Soul Readings by Christine, #27 
Christine Cook, LCSW, CHT, specializes in mediumship, psychometry, past lives, and animal communication. For appointments: 703-677-2526.

The Soul Shepherd, #113
An Intuitive Empath (she feels her world), Psychic, Medium and Medical Intuitive that works with people around the world in-person and online, needing only a picture where she can see their eyes. Other offerings include Group Readings where up to 6-8 people can be read in your home or her home; and healing work, including the use of the John of God Crystal Bed. Special requests are handled on an "individual" basis.

Soul Source, # 42
Offerings: Past Life & Life Between Lives Regression®, Healing thru the Akashic Records, Transpersonal Journeys, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Consciousness, Angel & Spirit Communication, Spiritual Counseling, Sound & Energy Healing Bridging Science and Spirituality, Workshops.

Soul's Talisman Crystals, #100
Offering handmade Hanging Crystals, Gem bracelets, Mala Necklaces, Gem Elixirs, Pendulums and Loose Stones to balance your mind, body, soul and space. Each beautifully balanced Talisman is intuitively selected, designed and arranged with love, joy and inspiration.

Spiritual Spectra - Spiritual Tarot Consultations, Medium Readings & Energy Healing, #53
A spiritual and holistic healing practice offering an array of services that increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection, located in Howard County, Maryland. Psychic Medium Jennifer Garcia, Founder of Spiritual Spectra, will be offering Spiritual Tarot Consultations and Medium Readings at this booth. She will also be presenting "Messages from Spirit" so please check the schedule for time and location.

Susan Lynne's Mediumlink, #11
Susan Lynne is a gifted psychic & medium with over 30 years of experience. She uses all the clairs, angels, astrology, Tarot, numerology, spirit guides, and dream interpretation. Available for readings, consultations. CDs and other gift items for sale.

Takoma Metaphysical Chapel, #5
The Takoma Park Chapel is an interfaith spiritual community in the metaphysical tradition. We offer classes, workshops and uplifting Sunday worship service. Stop by our booth for psychic readings, messages, Reiki, spiritual healing and more information.

Tarot Card Reader Sonia Subaran, #33
Sonia Subaran, Tarot reader with over 30 years’ experience in Jamaica and the United States. Intuitive with clear messages from Spirit.

Tarot Readings by Tim Boyd, #34
Internationally renowned certified Tarot reader Tim Boyd provides 20-minute Tarot consultations.

Tea of Life, #46
Exhibitor of the Tea Of Life® trademarked brand products 100% natural, patented product, highly researched and with health benefits comparable to none. Business duration 10 years. Amazon 74% ratings with 5 stars. Benefits men & women. Customer satisfaction very high.

To the Point Tarot, #34
Don’t have an hour for a Tarot reading? Laurie Catlin is the reader for you! She’ll get straight to the point with a 15-minute reading.

Transformational Healing - Life Coach & Energy Worker, #18
Transformational Healing helps people find more beauty in themselves and happiness and passion in their lives. Cynthia Battino is a Life Coach and Energy Worker. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. She has also studied Reiki, BioEnergetics, Continuum and much more. Whether it's helping people who are stuck, unhappy in life or marriage or wanting to walk a path of self-discovery, Cynthia uses all of her skills to help people live a happy, healthy life.

Tu-Anh Boutique, #118

The Twisted Bead and Rockshop, #71
Featuring a selection of gemstones and jewelry from our store in Edgewater, MD. Rough and polished stones of natural amethyst, celestite, black tourmaline, rose quartz, malachite, fluorite, etc. Also gemstone chakra bracelets, pendants, tumbled, stones, selenite cleansing towers and slabs.

Victory Nutrition International, #66
Change your cells, Change your Life! Prodosome technology is changing the nutrient absorption paradigm in the wellness industry. Clinically proven, it impacts the blood within 5 minutes of ingestion 100% of the time. Restores cellular ability to use and transport Oxygen, water and nutrients.

Washington Chiropractic, #101
Washington Chiropractic servicing the DC Metro community for 18 years. The doctors and staff will be speaking with attendees about their health issues, posture and alignment, making a special offer for participants with issues the doctor may be able to help.

Washington International Spiritual Center, #15
Deep Listening and Prayer, Dream Interpretation, Insight, Angelic Messages and Guided Meditation. Channeling Universal Unconditional Love and Support Into Your Life.  Pastoral Counseling, Reiki, Weddings and Baby Blessings

Jamila White, Psychic, #31
One of Pathways’ most popular practitioners, Jamila is a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, life coach and Reiki Master/Teacher who helps people get unstuck: money, love, career, past lives, soul purpose, Akashic records & more. Her readings are empowering, engaging, uplifting, and fun! Jamila teaches intuitive development classes online. Come to my workshop today to learn how to connect with your own angels, ancestors, and guides! In-Person, Phone & Skype appointments in New Orleans and D.C.

Willow & Birch Apothecary, #64
Organic, botanical products created according to the vibration and intention of the herbs, flowers, resins, and crystals. Soy candles for the Full & New Moons, Archangels, Alchemy, and Sacred Space. Loose incense blends for Manifestation, Protection, Bright Blessings, and Faery Offering. Organic salves. Crystal-tipped wands. All products are small batch and hand crafted in our Loudoun County, VA studios.

Women's Money & Life Empowerment Coach, #103
Sandy McDougall helps you build clarity, courage, and creativity across work and life. You will also learn to recognize your "financial issues" and develop a positive, more powerful relationship with money. Make it your year to change gears for good.

Wonderfull Wellness, #142
I perform SPIRTITUAL-MENTAL-EMOTIONAL SESSIONS by working with the higher self, soul, and spirit of a client. I clear the original imbalance and all the destructive energies creating specific issues in a client’s life. Each issue has a stream of thought tied to an imbalance created long ago.  These streams of thought can carry very destructive energies, agreements, programs, implants, imprints, connections and entities that play out in clients lives until they are cleared.  As a MEDICAL INTUITIVE, I am able to energetically scan the full spectrum of a client’s energetic bodies, scan every aspect of the physical body and energetically clear and heal what is needed.  As THE LUMINESCENT MEDIUM™, I am able to help client’s see the faces of those wishing to give them special messages.

The World Teacher For All Humanity is Back, #147
This is a momentous time in the history of our planet with the emergence of the World Teacher, Maitreya; His group, the Masters of Wisdom; and the help of our Space Brothers. As our world is facing many crises; there is more hope and help than ever.

World Trendz, #56 & 57
Goddess Clothing (skirts, dresses, blouses) shawls, scarves and ruanas, jewelry, metaphysical tapestries, statues, bags, singing bowls. Belly Dance costumes, Turkish lamps and home décor items.

Valley of Gems, #6 & 7
We sell: gems, crystals, pyramids and spheres of quartz crystal and amethyst. Large pieces of polished moonstone, labradorite and lapis. Our own handmade jewelry made with unusual, beautiful, natural stones, such as peronite, druzy, dendrite opal, labradorite, moonstone, and rare Tibetan turquoise. And much more….

Visions of the Heart Ministries, #39
An Interfaith, all-inclusive spiritual community rooted in love, wisdom and truth; a sacred circle welcoming you, in remembering your truth, and mastering your life purpose.

Yoga Meditation Spirituality Vegetarianism Ayurveda, #28
ISKCON is an international organization dedicated to spreading spiritual knowledge and culture. It is based on the ancient texts of India such as the Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, and chanting of the holy names of God to become pure and bring peace and prosperity.

Young Living Essential Oils, #85
Discover why everyone is talking about Essential Oils! Come by to learn about Young Living's Seed to Seal Commitment to Quality. Come by and smell our signature essential oil blend Thieves®. Find me on FaceBook: Schembari Family Wellness.

Zoetic Workshops #111 & #112
Zoetic Workshops is transforming human consciousness from within. In our classes you are trained in meditation & other life-altering techniques. You gain mastery with Permission Conversations, perceiving others through their chakras, accurate distance readings, and advancing your natural healing abilities.