Fall 2017 Natural Living Expo Exhibitors

Enjoy 130 Exhibitors Who Heal, Entertain, Enlighten and Offer Lots of Wonderful Services and Products

Adrienne's Aromas and Hand Treatment, #15
Adrienne is a Certified Master Holistic Aromatherapist. Her  synergy blends contain therapeutic grade essential oils, mountain spring water, and gemstones. As an intuitive healer, Adrienne specializes in relaxation techniques including a "Touch with Oils" hand and inhalation treatment.

Age of Awakening - Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), #123
Nothing else like this booth is at the Expo! Explore how we can help you: Get aura readings, buy how-to books, or just talk with an expert at RES Energy READING Skills, Energy HEALING Skills, Empath Empowerment®, and Enlightenment Coaching.

Akashic Records Readings & Intuitive Coaching, #101
Melissa Feick offers Akashic Record Readings & Healings, answers your questions & deep transformation from the Quantum Field to discover your hidden talents & abilities. www.Melissafeick.com  // Intuitive Coach and author Diane L. Haworth loves working with spiritually aware clients who are determined to change their lives. She’s selling her book, How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody, and discussing her spiritual and high performance coaching options. www.DianeHaworth.com

Alix Moore & the Archangels, #9
Alix Moore is a highly gifted clairvoyant, soul healer, and channel for the archangels. She helps clients see and shift the programming that prevents them from creating the life they desire. Alix offers readings, soul healings, money healings, and books.

All Eco Design Center, #81
Healthy, affordable, green remodeling experts specializing in kitchen, bath, countertops, and flooring. Complete turnkey solutions by full service licensed general contractors with a sustainable all-inclusive one-stop showroom. We make the process smooth, fun and transparent, all while adding value and making your experience a win-win for both you and the planet! Give us an opportunity to improve your home by adding the benefits of healthier green materials. Visit our showroom or invite us over for a free consultation today.

American Ayurveda, #73
At American Ayurveda an Ayurvedic physician consults and helps you determine your specific health issues and offers recommendations in dietary changes and additional customized herbal remedies to make a significant, long-term difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

Ampcoil, #31
Ampcoil is a revolutionary Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency device that you can use in the comfort of your own home. It uses vibrations to ascertain imbalances in your body, and neutralizes toxins, metals and microbes to create complete system harmony.

Angel Talk TV/Radio – Telespectral, #124
With Jim and Sandy Young, Washington Metro area's premier internationally-acclaimed Radio/TV Psychics with over 10,000 professional readings since 1994. In their 23rd year with Pathways, offering personal angelic readings and copies of their books Evidence of Things Not Seen and Clearing the Confusion. Sign up early, openings go fast!

Arbonne: Botanically-based Vegan Health, #11
Arbonne is a 35-year-old company whose products are botanically based and inspired by nature. We offer premium skincare, cosmetics and health & wellness products for every age. All of Arbonne's formulations are gluten free, vegan certified, and free of GMO's, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Come sample our world-class products crafted with integrity, expertise and innovation.

Arlington Metaphysical Chapel, #120
The Arlington Metaphysical Chapel is a Divine Metaphysics spiritual community which practices and teaches the spiritual truth recorded in the Holy Bible and other sacred texts. Come by to learn more about us! Psychic readings, drawings, and spiritual healing.

ASEA, #69
Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) decline as much as 90% over the span of a life from aging, stress, environment, and poor diets. RSM is foundational to cellular health and responsible for cellular internal communication involved in major body system and function. Learn how RSM can help your body’s cells perform at its peak optimal efficiency and improve your health.

The Avatar Course®, #57
The Avatar Course® is a nine-day self-empowerment training. The Avatar tools are a synergy of exercises, drills, and procedures that when properly understood and used increase your ability to live deliberately. They are remarkably effective and efficient for taking control of your life. Also, the Spring location was ideal. Away from the main aisle with space to talk with interested folks without blocking the traffic flow.

Avillion Aura Imaging Photography, #127
Avillion provides: Aura Photo of Heart Chakra Vibrations, detailed Personal Chakra Report with 2 full body pictures; Aura Care Package with information of techniques. For Self Realization. Available with short interpretive readings. 

Bethesda Salt Cave, #90 & 91
Promoting better health and wellness with Organic Himalayan Salt products and services, as well as amazing organic soaps and body care products from our own Blacksmith's Daughter.

Black Star Jewelry, #60 & 61
Himalayan Quartz Crystal Meditation Implements from Nepal. Carved Miniature Gemstone Deities. Unique, one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Sterling Silver jewelry with gemstones from the Kathmandu Valley. Unisex designer jackets in silk and recycled fabrics. Evocative accessories.

Britpsychic, #41
Linda Fitz Williams, The Brit Psychic, is a gifted International Spiritual Medium, and Psychic Adviser. She is a third generation, natural born gifted medium from Oxford, England. She was raised with the teachings of the English Spiritualist Church and has traveled all over the world giving readings for 36 years. Linda communicates in a loving, caring and ethical manner via spiritual guidance. These inspiring messages of divine enlightenment can offer hope, healing and often closure. Drop by and meet Linda Fitz Williams for your own special, insightful reading.

Sara Bryki - Earth Energy Stones, #22
I am happy to provide services and products that promote energy health! Natural stones for personal and in-home use, handcrafted and intuitively designed natural stone jewelry, Crystal Therapy and personalized intuitive readings. I look forward to seeing you!

Carlos The Medium, #12
Carlos is a naturally gifted psychic medium with an impressive ability to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. Carlos will serve as a messenger to deliver messages of love, healing, and closure between you and those dear to you in Spirit.

Celestial Hats and Presidential Souls, #44
What Celestial Hat does your Soul wear? I can see your Hat and I will perform a Paranormal Psychological Analysis of your Soul. Take a look at the Souls of the U.S. Presidents and our future leaders in Presidential Souls.

Courtz Crystal Balls Handmade, #62
Handmade Crystal Balls seen in a Real Vision.1989, Burbank, California. Made with Gemstones and Crystals & the Cosmos. Each one is designed with its own unique healing energies. Water amplifies the crystals; the glitter represents Atoms of energy and meditation. Relaxation gifts.

Creative Healing Trends, #66 & 67
Rebecca Norris of Creative Healing Trends offers intuitive and channeled readings. Using ThetaHealing and Matrix Energetics shifts will be made within your field to align and create your desired outcome. The future can be created. Aura photos and readings available. 

Crystal Luxe Lighting PLUS!, #43
One-of-a-kind home accessories made from natural crystals, minerals and semi-precious stones. You'll find mineral lamps, gemstone wine stoppers, LED night lights, rocky ring stands, key rings, purse charms, business card holders, mezuzahs, and more!

Crystalis Treasures, #94
Find relief from stress, anxiety, sleep, and depression with our assortment of custom made power bracelets! We have a bracelet for all your needs. Stop by and chat with us. Plus Tarot decks, smudge, crystals and jewelry. 306 Elden St., Herndon, VA, 20170.

The DC Dentist Dr. Terry Victor, #114
Learn benefits of Holistic/Eco-Friendly Dentistry. Discover advances in medical technology used to provide you with a customized experience that is less invasive, more effective and a healthy approach to your oral care from a holistic, biological and eco-friendly dentist.

Dental Excellence, #100
Dental Excellence encompasses both modern science and technology as well as knowledge drawn from the world’s greatest traditions on natural healing. Dr. Sheri’s mind, body, and spirit approach to Comprehensive General Dentistry is critical and imperative when treating the whole patient in health and wellness. Dr. Sheri is one of four providers in the region that specializing in DNA & ALF therapy to improve snoring and sleep apnea in adults and children. We work with your body’s inherent ability to heal itself while achieving your dental health and beauty goals. 

Do Bead Dooby Doo, #38
Specializing in handmade artisan jewelry made of semiprecious gemstones, including (but not limited to) aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces that incorporate lava stone beads. We also offer exclusive essential oil blends made of Young Living essential oils.

doTERRA Essential Oils & Wellness, #70 & 71
Whether you are looking for the tools to combat everday health problems quickly and easily with doTERRA essential oils & supplements, or looking for an opportunity to work from home to create your ideal life, we have the best solutions for you. Those who want a more in-depth conversation can set up a 30-minute video chat consultation after the Expo. Guiding you on your Wellness Adventure.

Dreams of Stardolphin Visionary Art, #113
Gallery quality prints, embellished canvases, greeting cards, magnets, bookmarks and light encoded pendants and healing discs of my original artwork. I also have an Oracle Deck and three Children's books I wrote and illustrated.

ECKANKAR: Experience the Light and Sound of God, #104
Are you ready for your next spiritual adventure? The Eckankar booth offers you the opportunity to learn how to experience the Light and Sound of God directly. Rediscover HU—the universal word of Divine Love. This—and so much more!

Edgy Zen Spa, #27

EMFs Protect, #36
Electro Magnetic Frequency protection for Cellphone and Body. Get protection from EMFs while increasing balance & sleep, reducing inflammation, carpal tunnel, and decreasing motion sickness / vertigo just to name a few. Free BEMER sessions for 8 minutes to increase your blood flow by 15%. We also offer IDLife Nutrition Programs.

Four Directions Wellness, Alexandria, VA, #79
Four Directions Wellness, affiliated with the GW Center for Integrative Medicine, is focused on connecting body, mind, emotions and spirit. Whether working with a particular health issue or dealing with an emotional feeling, Four Directions Wellness offers an array of healing techniques to support your personal journey. Please visit our booth, learn more about our offerings and register to win a complimentary session.

Gainesville Holistic Center, #102 & 103
Dr. Stéphane (co-author with Louise Hay, Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor) and our GHHC holistic practitioners provide a Whole-Listic Solution to emotional, mind-brain, physical, spiritual, energy, addiction, PTSD, Lyme disease and much more. FREE Bioresonance Scan + special on Iridology assessment and more at Expo.

The Golden Lighthouse Metaphysical Center, #39
Soni Weiss, PhD, intuitive counselor and Metaphysician, will assist you in finding clarity and guidance on questions unanswered and decisions not made. Her many years of working in both dimensions of the material and spiritual world with years of proven experience in business and the medical field will help you find the right path to take. Bubbles Moon, intuitive Tarot consultant, will be providing you with spiritual guidance as she dips into her thirty plus years of Tarot Reading experience and her many years of teaching the art of cartomancy to give you an experience you will want to repeat. 

GPS Your Path, #92
Bonnie Patterino is one of a few IIHA Certified Hand Print Analysts in the world! Print your hands to reveal accurately your Soul Psychology, life lessons, gifts & authentic life purpose. Decode your whole-life blueprint and learn amazing details about your Life Agenda. After the Expo, experience a life changing one hour phone reading and coaching session within a few weeks, and receive the recorded call to keep. Print today at a lower rate. The results are worth the wait! 

Habeebah’s Herbals, #93
Habeebah Muhammad, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist & Certified Massage Therapist in traditional services and Sufi Unani preparation. She has a wholistic line of natural and organic body products that are spiritually heart created and righteously made. "It's About Chemistry and Creativity."

Hands of Light, Geoffrey Morell, #29
Internationally renowned healer, Geoffrey Morell will demonstrate his healing techniques and provide books and materials on the subject of energy healing.

The Healing Heart School, #97
Find the innate healer within in a Two-Year Training Program in Energy Healing and Personal Transformation. Learn to work with chakras and energy fields, access spiritual guidance and develop your intuition with experienced Barbara Brennan School of Healing graduates. Try a brain balancing today!

Healing With Grace, #6
Grace Miazza provides information on the human energy field, effects of blockages, past lives, and areas of spiritual energy healing. Mini healings will be available. Grace is a scientist, trained healer, and near death survivor, which opened her to other dimensional realities at a young age. www.healingwithgrace.com

The Health Improvement Center, #96
Do you have any health issues? Do you not sleep well, feel tired all the time, have digestive issues, migraines/headaches, hormonal issues (hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, PMS, painful menstrual cycles), fatigue, or just don’t feel right? Do you know the cause? Stop by our booth and get your screening. This screening uncovers nutritional deficiencies that may be causing your health issues.

Holistic Veterinary Healing, #82
We offer top quality holistic and integrative compassionate veterinary specialty care. Our doctors have decades of experience within the healing field. We view your animal as a whole focusing on the root cause of dis-harmony for projected long term healing. 

Inner Circle Gifts, #26
Offering: Starborn Creations mineral and crystal jewelry, Tools for Transformation sacred geometry jewelry, that includes instructions to cleanse and program these power pieces. Gorgeous genuine Vogel crystal, amethyst and labradorite display pieces, grape chalcedony, and dumortierite crystals and so much more!

Inspired By Angels, #19 
Gena Wilson, LCSW, is an Angel messenger, psychic, medium, animal communicator and Reiki Master. Co-author of Reiki Divination cards. 

Internal Makeover Cleanse, #112
Gassy? Bloated? Overweight? Achy? Tired? Not pooping right? Did you know the average person carries 5-20 pounds of waste in their colon? Come learn about the Internal Makeover Cleanse, to detoxify, rejuvenate, energize and rebuild your body, while removing those pesky pounds of waste holding YOU back! Internal Makeover Cleanse by Titi Sibajene, Nutritional Consultant (aka The Poop Chick).

Intuitive Services, #40
Donna Joy is an experienced psychic-medium, Tarot reader, psychic detective and past-life specialist. Stop by her booth for free gifts.

Isagenix - Solutions for Transformation, #50
Isagenix offers solutions to transform lives in the areas of weight loss, energy, performance, healthy aging, & wealth creation. Visit Dina Weiss, Certified Health & Weight Loss Coach, at this booth to share your goals and challenges and learn more!

ISD-DC/NewGrowth Healing & Hypnosis, #80
Institute for Spiritual Development DC and NewGrowth Healing have teamed up to bring you Energetic Healing, Spiritual Readings, and information about our growing Spiritual Community! ISD offers classes, events, and weekly services. NGHH offers Coaching, Classes, Hypnosis, & Energy Healing.

Jacqueline Handley Handwoven Textiles & Gemstone Jewels, #46
Finest quality hand woven silk and cotton textiles from Southeast Asia, Buddhist architectural antiques and decor, gemstone accessories, tribal handbags made from rare, vintage fabrics.

Journey To Your Soul's Home, #83
When you live in your Soul’s Home your soul’s purpose is fueled. Realtor® Suzanne Hanger, On Point Realty, LLC, can help you see the spiritual aspect of why you live where you live and discover your Soul’s Home.

Joyful Bath Co., #105
Local women-owned business handcrafting natural and organic bar soaps, bath and foot soaks, soy candles, gift baskets and more. Made with vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced ingredients. Pure, natural and healing for the whole family. Baby bath and dog soaps, too!

Judy Kay, Psychic Medium, #28
Known for her caring nature & amazing accuracy, Judy’s long list of satisfied clients are a testament to her compassionate personality & remarkable talents providing the most accurate & personalized readings that make a powerful impact on her clients. Look for her on American Builder TV Show where she is featured doing a haunting investigation & house clearing. She also is appearing in various TV & radio shows. If you are looking to connect with deceased loved ones or guidance in any aspect of life, Judy will be more than happy to help you.

Kangan Water // Juice Plus, #33
KANGEN Alkaline Water and the UKON – Tumeric Supplement: www.WhyChangeYourWater.net // JUICE PLUS+ and the Tower Garden—28 different fruits, vegetables and grains in a capsule or chewable form: www.FruitsandVeggies.net.

Kashmir Dream: Treasures From the Silk Road, #125
A repository of unique artifacts and clothing for the culturally creative, which illuminate and beautify both themselves and their abodes. We welcome all culturally creative spiritual travelers to explore the wealth of treasures and blessings assembled in our mystical tent!

Kneipp, #30 
Kneipp (pronounced Ken-nype!) is an aromatherapy Bath, Body, and Skincare company specializing in the finest quality, primarily vegan and natural ingredients. Innovating for over 125 years, Kneipp offers the best of science and the best of nature in a product line that is highly effective for both your skin and well-being.

Melody Krafft, Visionary Artist, #18
Melody, a psychic medium artist will sketch a portrait of your spirit guide, and deceased loved ones, and bring messages of comfort. This is a rare opportunity to connect with the Other Side and see who is with you.

Life Mastery Institute | DreamBuilder Coaching, #24
Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality... As a Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Patrick Donovan can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose. I will work with you to accelerate your results, to create more fulfilling lives.

Life Transforming Hypnotherapy, #65
I feature information about Spiritual Hypnotherapy (Past-Life Regression, Life-Between-Lives Therapy, Natal Regression, Counterpart Selves, Future-Life Progression, etc.) & other hypnotic modalities. I give Crystal Skull Readings at the booth and sell my new book, The Present Power of Past Lives.

Light Works Reiki & Psychic Mediumship, #72
Light Works is a spiritual healing practice located in Old Town Manassas. Juli Richardson is a Certified Psychic Medium. Reiki Master Teacher, & Animal Communicator. For the event, she will be offering Life Path, Mediumship, and Angel Card Readings. 

Lotus Signature Massage School, #75
Lotus Signature Massage School offers a 525-hour approved massage program and is certified by the State Council of Higher Education in VA. Learn how you can start a career in massage therapy and receive mini massage sessions!

Lotus Wellness Center, #74
Lotus Wellness Center is a spiritual hub in the community. We have a wide variety of classes and services to suit everyone's need. Stop by and meet our Lotus Team! We have various services available today in mini sessions.

Love, Peace and Harmony, #47
We ARE the creators of our world! What do you SEE? What do you HEAR? What is YOUR song? Join the Sing It to Bring It campaign to transform the message. To bring Love, Peace and Harmony to yourself, your family, your community, your country, the world…You don’t need to take one step to start! Go to our website to download Love, Peace and Harmony. Join Hearts and Souls Together, Love Peace and Harmony.

Mahalo Minerals, #117, 118 & 119
We offer a variety of minerals and crystals. We also have Shiva Lingas, Tibetan Singing Bowls, large crystals, amethyst geodes, as well as beautiful energy pieces. You will find stones as jewelry and we also have the largest selection in the tri-state area. See ya there.

Marie-Claire Wilson, #19
European Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Advisor, Direct Clairvoyance, Tarot Consultation with my own deck. Medium for Spirits.

Metropolitan Headache and Spine Center, #99
A wellness clinic that specializes in chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy. We focus on treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. This includes headaches, neck pain, low back pain, joint pain, TMJ, and more.

The Mindfulness Center, #78
The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, Maryland, is a charitable community wellness center offering individual services, classes and workshops in Mind-Body Practices including Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Nia dance, Professional Teacher Trainings, Retreats, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction and Mind-Body Therapies for Chronic Conditions. Stop by our booth to enjoy a demo session of our services and therapies with our experienced practitioners!

Moonbeams and Fairydust, #106
Metaphysical book and gift store offering everything needed for your spiritual journey including divination tools, crystals, incense, handmade gifts, holistic wellness items, and books.

Mystic Fire Glass, #77
Unusual and one-of-a-kind jewelry creations made with gemstones, healing chakra crystals, hand blown glass, fine, sterling silver and gold filled wire/chain. Hand blown glass vessels to hold essential oils, gemstones or prayer/affirmation scrolls. Support your healing journey with beauty and gifts from the earth. 

Northern Virginia Metaphysical Fellowship, Rev. Sally Knuckles, #10
We are a part of a diverse community of "Light Workers" that surround Washington, DC. Aware of the vibrations that come from our unique political milieu, we offer classes, worship, and facilitate events that may help ground the energy that is just a part of our local day to day reality.

Nutrition Master Foods, #25
Ancient Foods called Teddy’s Meals™ is reestablishing the basic ancient way to rebuild and balance your healthy eating habits with one meal a day or every other day. These convenient ancient meals will make it easier than ever to eat right and feel good! The basic ingredients "fuel your body." 

OM Botanical - Best Natural Skin Care, #37
Stop by and experience a paradigm shift with uniquely superior products offering fast visible results. Skin care the way it should be—unbleached, unprocessed, incredibly effective and yet 100% natural. Made with full spectrum (whole) organically grown botanical ingredients, these multi-functional products offer a simple two-step regimen.

Options For Health ~ Certified Organics, #58
Raw Living Vegan Certified Organic Superfoods: Probiotics, Antioxidants, Concentrated Grass Juices, Sprouted Protein, Fulvic Acids. Botanical raw food-grade certified organics for skin, hair, body, home, oral hygiene, mosquitoes and more! Cold-Processed. Tested for Purity. Excellent Discounts. Health Practitioners/Entrepreneurs Wanted.

Past Times (Hypnotherapy & Bach Flower Therapy), #14
Angela offers consultation on how to heal the body with hypnotherapy using the subconscious mind as well as emotional healing with the help of Bach Flower Remedies. 

Pay It Forward Hypnosis, LLC, #56
Courtney D. Starkey, M.Ed., CHt, has trained with many leaders in the field of hypnosis and utilizes their methods (including Weiss’s PLR, Newton’s LBL, and Cannon’s QHHT) as she supports her clients by guiding them through thoughtfully personalized hypnosis sessions.

Peace & Laughter, Cheryl Giannelli, #1
Intuitive Crystal Healer & Reader, Reiki Master, & Medium. Large assortment of tumbled and natural crystals. Peace & Laughter Crystal Energy Wand—infuse the positive energy and intention of the crystals by adding the wand to your cold or hot beverage. Wire wrapped pendants and gemstone bracelets.

Jim Phillips - L.I.F.E. Strategist and Coach, #64
“Life is the progressive realization of the Truth of who we are.” Jim serves his clients through his intuitive ability to guide them through this process while establishing key strategies resulting in this Truth. Jim will conduct “laser strategy sessions at his booth.”

Psychic Insight By Noel, #21
I specialize in Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Energy Reading, Meditation Therapy, Tarot Card Reading, Soulmate Connection, Recovery, Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Spirituality.

Psychic Readings by Laura, #51
Psychic & Clairvoyant reader, offering Tarot card readings, Psychic readings, Astrology readings, Past life readings, Palm readings, chakra balancing & aura cleansings. Each reading is more specific & more in-depth then the next, revealing past, present & future. 

Psychic Readings: Mara Berman & Holly Range, #95
Mara Berman is a psychic and Tarot card reader. She conducts meditations contacting angels, guides and higher powers through light activations. maraberman@comcast.net // Holly Range is a psychic and Tarot card reader. She is a storyteller and conducts life lessons through storytelling. 

Psychic Readings with Intuitive Awakenings, #86
Gifted Intuitive and Shaman of Hawaiian Tradition: Claudette Knox gives psychic readings with a combination of Palmistry & Hawaiian Aumakua cards. // Wall Street Psychic Medium: Lisa Craft sharing Animal-Tarot Cards, giving psychic readings including any Mediumship message that may come through.

Psychic/Spiritual Reading with Alice Alicja Jones, #35
Offers Spiritual and Past Life Readings, connecting with your Higher Self, Source, Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, investigating Soul path/ relationships, and Akashic Records. 

Psy-Twins, #122
Psychic mediums Allyson and Adele bring messages of comfort and advice to individuals wanting readings, and will sign copies of their book, Between Two Worlds. Attend their mediumship audience demonstration today at one of the hourly lectures.

Anna Pusser, #14
Psychic consultations through the Madame Lenormand Oracle, based on Old European Wisdom of Romano Gypsy divination tools.

Reconnective Healing Co-op, #89
Explore these new frequencies of light and information. Stop by for a demonstration or sign up for your personal session. See http://Coop333.com for details. The music of your life is in your instinct. Stop by and enter your name in our free seminar give away.

Reflexology and Beyond, #112
Brigitte Wiss, Clairvoyant & Gifted Certified Holistic Reflexologist since 2000 will rejuvenate you physically, emotionally & spiritually through her unique practice. She will customize your session to your personal needs. Not a foot massage! Not your typical Reflexology! Best for stress and more! See my website for the list.

Relax Saunas of Momentum 98, #5
Relax Far-Infrared Sauna Free 5-10 minute sessions.  Research (65 years) and testimonials on Far-Infrared Energy indicate Increased Circulation, Pain/Inflammation reduction, helpful with Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Cancer, High Blood-pressure, diabetes, Relaxation, Invigoration, sleep, Prettier Skin, & spiritual attunement.  
www.relaxsaunas.com / 650 Youtube Testimonials. 626/200-8454

Remnants of Magic, #42
Makers of one-of-a-kind wire wrapped jewelry with your choice of gold or sterling silver wire. All jewelry is individually handcrafted so by nature is one-of-a-kind. We also have power bracelets, energy sprays, crystal wands and much more. 

Renew Health & Wellness - BioIndentical Hormone Therapy, #55
A medically supervised clinic that specializes in enhancing the overall wellbeing and quality of life for both men and women. We help men and women regain their vitality and quality of life with natural hormone replacement, Aesthetics and medically supervised weight loss. At Renew, our services focus on treating the whole individual with customized and personal care.

Renew Your C.O.R.E. with Trauma Healing, #23
Renew Your C.O.R.E. provides three offerings to address current and past trauma: (1) training and technical assistance for service organizations to implement trauma-responsive systems of care; (2) process groups for deeper work; and (3) individual sessions including body/energy work.

Results Thinking Consulting, LLC - Nelda Fink, PGI Certified Consultant/Coach, #48
Discover You Limitless! Learn steps to break from the mediocre life and live your life following your true purpose using the most powerful tool in all of creation with the personal guidance of Nelda Fink as your coach. Stop by for demo.

Roselle Center for Healing, #98
You don't have to suffer from pain or chronic illness anymore! Dr. Roselle and his highly trained staff are committed to bringing you outstanding health and optimal living through proven, cutting edge, natural techniques in the disciplines of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture and Nutrition.

Sarah Soul Wellness, #13
Sarah Wilson is an oracle, gifted intuitive, and energy healer. She works with people to address life questions, and provides essential insights to help clients move forward effortlessly. Sarah specializes in practical, intuitive guidance for business owners and organizational leaders.

SavvyRest, #116
Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom is your one-stop destination to help create the customized organic bedroom of your dreams! Savvy Rest mattresses and furniture are the key components of a nontoxic sleeping environment. Visit our booth to learn more.

Seleme Health - Dr. Venus Seleme, #115
Begin to live a toxic-free life for you, your family, even your pets! Support a world where humans and nature live together in harmony. Dr. Seleme’s Face Diagnosis and Detoxification book shows you the best methods to detoxify your body based on the lines and wrinkles on your face. Young Living Essential Oils, health related products made with Essential Oils, Organic Millet Therapy pillows made with Essential Oils, toxic-free household cleaning products, toxic-free personal hygiene products, DIY formulas for chemical free solutions, chemical and harmful dye-free make up, cellulite fat-burning oil kit, coffee enemas and more!

Self-Realization Fellowship, #53
Founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda, Self Realization Fellowship publishes the complete line of Yogananda’s books and recorded talks, including his Autobiography of a Yogi.

Shamanic Healing Institute, #121
The Shamanic Healing Institute provides healing and education services through spiritual healing ceremonies, retreats, practitioner training programs and products. Visit Paul M. Sivert, LCPC, shamanic practitioner, to learn more and start your personal journey in Shamanism. Sign up for a Divination Ceremony and Healing.

Shelly's Rock Shop & Classroom LLC, #107
I come to you from Virginia Beach, VA, and I sell unique crystals at great prices! A Spiritual Crystal Digging Retreat awaits you! Sign up and save! Learn where energy and geology meet! Dig your own crystals! Learn to use your crystals powerfully! Manifest your heart's desires! Leave knowing your next right step! Sign up for our retreat October 12 - 15, 2017.

Shen Yun Symphony, #84
Local presenter of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra (SYSO) in the Strathmore Music Center on October 22. SYSO blends Chinese instruments permanently in a full western symphony. Traditional Chinese word "medicine" comes from the Chinese word for "music".

Skin Scholars, #34
We talk about Farm-to-Table & farm-fresh when it comes to food, but what if we could talk about skincare the same way? Imagine a line of skincare that comes from a long line of incredible women living off the land and taking care of their families in the fields and forests of Southampton County Virginia. Meet Skin Scholars, a family-owned, handmade skincare company that brings you the power of plants using recipes going back an incredible eight generations. 

Sole Healing, #109
Providing reflexology and massage for shows, conferences, meetings or seminars. A great opportunity to have a sponsored area of relaxation and rejuvenation at your event. On site Corporate Wellness programs • Business and Private Events • Girls night out parties.

Somatic Energy Therapies, #52
Our motto is Health Building Naturally. At this Expo, we are presenting revolutionary new products for pain management that we currently offer for our client-base in WV. They are as easy for you as is a daily “mist” of mouthwash, putting on your socks or napping on the sofa! Many of our clients have found life changing management of their health and pain, without pharma products. We will also provide information on our Board Certification Training in Polarity Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy Training workshops and Health Building Workshops.

The Soul Shepherd, #49
The Soul Shepherd is an Intuitive Empath, Psychic, Medium and Medical Intuitive. Connecting through the eyes, in-person and distant readings available. The Soul Shepherd is able to channel messages that Spirit feels are needed to unlock "shadowed areas or stuck areas" in you so that you are able to be open to your journey.

Soul Source, #85 
Offerings: Past life & life between lives regression®, spirit releasement, hypnotherapy with Joanne Selinske, sound and energy healing and healing through the Akashic Records with Bill Sanda.

The Spiritual Tarot and ASHTA Tarot, #3
Pathways Columnist Rev. Geraldine Amaral and Tarot Expert Laura Marina (ASHTA Tarot Consulting). Put the power back in your own hands! Tarot is no longer only for "fortune-telling!" It is a sacred text encoded in symbols that show us both our life lessons as we progress on our spiritual path and the psychological aspects that contribute to our destiny. Please stop by for a Spiritual Tarot Reading. Let the cards help you unlock the power of your unconscious mind.

Rosie Stars - Super 7 Healers, #126
Rosie Stars makes gemstone oils that quickly relieve chronic pain, anxiety, headaches, sleeplessness, etc. She specializes in Shungite soaps, jewelry and orgonite condensers, which help to shift negative energies in your body or environment and accelerate your intention & creative powers.

Sugar Palm Jewelry, #63
Nature-inspired, simple and meaningful jewelry pieces. Featuring gemstones, quartz crystal points, seashells, and more. Also selling vegan, olive oil and shea butter soaps. Everything is handmade with positive vibes and Aloha. Get your gifts here!

Susan Lynne's Mediumlink, #16
Susan Lynne is a gifted psychic & medium with over 30 years of experience. She uses all the clairs, angels, astrology, Tarot, numerology, spirit guides, and dream interpretation. Available for readings, consultations. CDs and other gift items for sale.

Takoma Metaphysical Chapel, #4
An interfaith spiritual community in the metaphysical tradition. We offer classes, workshops and uplifting Sunday worship service. Stop by our booth for psychic readings, messages, Reiki, spiritual healing and more information.

Tarot Card Reader Sonia Subaran, #40
Sonia Subaran, Tarot reader with over 30 years’ experience in Jamaica and the United States. Intuitive with clear messages from Spirit.

Telepathic TV - Neville Johnston & Mary Phelan, #76
Neville is offering Palmistry and Angel Messages and Mary is offering Intuitive Tarot, Past Lives and Dream Interpretation. They will also have their latest books, copper devices and oracle decks for purchase.

Tim’s Tarot, #59
Tarot Readings by Tim Boyd, internationally renowned Certified Tarot providing 20-minute Tarot consultations. See Bio online.

To the Point Tarot, #59
Don’t have an hour for a Tarot reading? Laurie Catlin is the reader for you! She’ll get straight to the point with a 15-minute reading.

Transformational Healing - Life Coach & Energy Worker, #20
Transformational Healing helps people find more beauty in themselves and happiness and passion in their lives. Cynthia Battino is a Life Coach and Energy Worker. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. She has also studied Reiki, BioEnergetics, Continuum and much more. Whether it's helping people who are stuck, unhappy in life or marriage or wanting to walk a path of self-discovery, Cynthia uses all of her skills to help people live a happy, healthy life.

Urantia Book Interfaith Committee, #17
The Urantia Book is an anthology of highest concepts of science, philosophy, and personal religion. The 5th Epochal Revelation to our planet, is a book for all faiths. For information see the book online.

Valley of Gems, #7 & 8
We sell: gems, crystals, pyramids and spheres of quartz crystal and amethyst. Large pieces of polished moonstone, labradorite and lapis. Our own handmade jewelry made with unusual, beautiful, natural stones, such as peronite, druzy, dendrite opal, labradorite, moonstone, and rare Tibetan turquoise. And much more….

Wayshowers College Programs – Astro Soul, #108
Astro Soul is one of the departments of study with the Wayshowers College—an International Spiritual Development Organization. Astro Soul is the exploration of the Fifth Dimension. Through your involvement in community workshops, group sessions and individual consultations you will re-awaken your psychic ability, find your life’s purpose and communicate directly with the team of angels who assist you in your souls’ journey for this lifetime.

Jamila White, Psychic, #54
One of Pathways’ most popular practitioners, Jamila is a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, life coach and Reiki Master/Teacher who helps people get unstuck: money, love, career, past lives, soul purpose, Akashic Records & more. Her readings are empowering, engaging, uplifting, and fun! Jamila teaches intuitive development classes online. Come to my workshop today to learn how to connect with your own angels, ancestors, and guides! In-person, phone & Skype appointments in New Orleans, and DC.

Willow & Birch Apothecary, #68
Organic, botanical products created according to the vibration and intention of the herbs, flowers, resins, and crystals. Soy candles for the Full & New Moons, Archangels, Alchemy, and Sacred Space. Loose incense blends for Manifestation, Protection, Bright Blessings, and Faery Offering. Organic salves. Crystal-tipped wands. All products are small batch and handcrafted in our Loudoun County, VA studios.

World Trendz, #110 & 111
Goddess Clothing (skirts, dresses, blouses), shawls, scarves and ruanas, jewelry, metaphysical tapestries, statues, bags, singing bowls. Belly Dance costumes, Turkish lamps and home décor items.

The World Teacher For Humanity Is Now Here, #2
This is a momentous time in the history of our planet with the emergence of the World Teacher, Maitreya; His group, the Masters of Wisdom; and the help of our Space Brothers. As our world is facing many crises, there is more hope and help than ever. 

Yoga Meditation Spirituality Vegetarianism Ayurveda, #32
ISKCON is an international organization dedicated to spreading spiritual knowledge and culture. It is based on the ancient texts of India such as the Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, and chanting of the holy names of God to become pure and bring peace and prosperity.

Zenquility - Center for Higher Consciousness, #45
Energy healing and other services for deeper connection with your divine power. And now you can buy crystals and many other products in our boutique. Stop by our booth to meet our practitioners and learn about our new location in Gainesville, VA.

Zoetic Workshops, #87 & 88
Zoetic Workshops is transforming human consciousness from within. In our classes you are trained in meditation & other life-altering techniques. You gain mastery with Permission Conversations, perceiving others through their chakras, accurate distance readings, and advancing your natural healing abilities.