Pain Management

National Integrated Health Associates, NIHA, a patient-centered holistic and integrative medical and dental clinic located in Washington, D.C. with 5 MDs, 2 Naturopaths, 4 Biological Dentists and other Health Practitioners who combine the best of traditional and complementary/alternative medicine and therapies.

PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL PAIN RELIEF Combines ancient wisdom & modern science; natural products & techniques. Pain relief at all levels. Completely holistic unique techniques. Treatments. Products. Workshops. Professional training. Feeling is believing. English, Spanish & French spoken. At the Aromatherapy Center. 703-222-0960. E-mail:

POTOMAC RIVER HEALING TOUCH Highly sensitive? Empathic? Lucrezia has over 20 years experience in the psychotherapy and mind-body fields focusing on complementary-integrative therapies. Licensed, woman-owned business serving women, caregivers, and those who are highly sensitive. Serving Silver Spring MD & DC metro area. 802-578-3700,