Polarity Therapy

The foundations of Polarity include reflexology, acupuncture, yoga, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It is a philosophy and practice based on eastern and western holistic health modalities, synthesizing the wisdom of ancient healing arts with the energy theories of modern physics. The polarity practitioner uses hands-on contact in order to stimulate free-flowing, balanced energy, relieving physical, emotional, or mental discomfort and stress. The practitioner may also suggest supportive exercises and postures, encourage healthy eating habits, and facilitate conscious self-awareness. Polarity promotes deep relaxation and revitalization and supports the body in its own natural healing ability, complementing all other health modalities.

----Noalani Terry R.P.P.

Johnny Henderson, Ph.D., RPP, RPE, - Polarity Wellness Counselor. 202-758-3027
Tom Langan, RPP, RCST, RPE - Craniosacral & Polarity Practitioner. 703-628-4551
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